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The Company

ZahoroikoEntertainment is a family owned business performing murder mystery shows throughout the northeast United States. The creator, writer, producer, director, and an actor himself, James Zahoroiko, has been writing his own murder mysteries since 1989. His wife, Cindy, has been a support for their business since their marriage in 1992 and assumes the role of sound coordinator for shows. Their daughter, Abigail, performs in shows as well as takes upon roles of editor, media coordinator, and creative associate. And son, Cody performs as well. ZahoroikoEntertainment has performed shows in the past at Brook Hollow Winery, Sorrenti Family Estate, Chestnut Grove Family Resort, Brookview Manor, Covered Bridge Inn, and more. Our most current shows are being held at Blue Ridge Estate Vineyards and Winery, having hosted shows here for the last seven years. ZahoroikoEntertainment provides shows to a variety of venues such as in personal homes, churches, fundraiser events, restaurants, and most importantly wineries!

ZahoroikoEntertainment has been able to adapt shows to a variety of business, personal, and community events... visit our Contact Us page! We have 30 written shows and are constantly updating and writing new ones. The company also creates and performs escape room events and weekend events. Prices vary based on number of people attending, event type, and other variables such as food inclusion. 

The Show

ZahoroikoEntertainment murder mysteries are an interactive show where any guest can choose to partake! Every guest assumes a character written into the show...someone who may have known the murder victim or have prosecuting information... It's your job to listen to every character to help the detective figure out the murderer! Minor participants will have fewer lines during the show than Major participants, but may tell the group a rumor only they may know, and participate as much or as little as they feel comfortable. Major participants will have at least one line and may become a suspect! Majors could put the "fun" in "funeral", become a murder victim, or find themselves being the murderer! Go to our Home Page to direct you to the tickets of the production you want.

Abigail Zahoroiko- daughter

Abigail Zahoroiko

Editor, media coordinator, creative associate.

Cody Zahoroiko- son

Cody Zahoroiko

Actor, creative associate

James Zahoroiko- writer, producer

James Zahoroiko

Creator, writer, producer, director, actor.

Cindy Zahoroiko- wife, sound coordinator

Cindy Zahoroiko

Staff, sound coordinator.

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