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Murder Mysteries New Locations

There are some interesting new developments going into our fall and then the winter months. Stay tuned!

I have been working on a pet project called "The Murder Mystery Adventure Walk" I think this could be a fun alternative to a sit down Murder Mystery. This would be a fun evening at a venue with limited seating....and good weather!

We may be expanding into the Lehigh Valley soon


Murder Mystery Escape Room Weekend

We are actively seeking a venue for our Murder Mystery Escape Room Weekends. In the past having done weekend events at the the Hillside Family Resort in Canadensis, Chestnut Grove Family Resort in Swiftwater and the Brookview Manor in Canadensis. This type of event puts you in the murder synopsis on Friday evening and continues throughout the weekend until departure on Sunday morning. All guests become characters that will interact with the others. We hope to have secured a location for the fall of 2022.... stay tuned! 

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